Hi there, My name is Dennis Happé. I am a dutch artist living in the picturesque village of Oud-Beijerland. In a typical dutch landscape with lots water and flat land.

My work is a reflection of things you usually do not see: energy. Energy is floating around and through us all the time. It can be influenced en it influences you. That fascinates me.

In my work i give the energy a free hand. The working proces itself shows me where to go. This way i can find new directions or there will be a deepening of existing themes. The place where i can feel energy the strongest and in the most positive way is in nature. To me nature is a big inspiration. The organic structures, the fresh green in springtime, but also the proces of demolishing is beautiful to look at and to put in to work.

The artworks i make are abstract and colorful. With a playful design. I prefer to work on wooden panels and paper. I use acrylics and ink. I love to use flued materials which gives me the ability to work transparant and in layers. In the recent years painting alternated with periods of drawing.

Another theme that calls me time after time is ‘Love’. To share love between each other, to love yourself, and to love mother earth. In the past i gave it different expressions. Through Free Hugs on the street, guerrilla art and workshops on schools. Since 2014 i make painted wooden hearts. For Love and the Heart i have made a blog. Check it out and help to spread love around the globe!


Dennis Happé

Married with Sandra. We have two children and three cats. We are living in Oud-Beijerland, a picturesque village on the flat island ‘De Hoeksche Waard’.


Akademie st. Joost (Avance), Breda
1997. Fine arts, BA/Cum Laude

Several expositions and projects on local level.
Denns Werk
Check out the other aera’s i facilitate with my company Denns Werk:
Workshops (Workshop los!)
Education (workshops and Professor Lamoraal)
Since 2010 we rent the former postoffice of Oud-Beijerland.
My workshop is in the canteen and in the shop we organise expositions and events for the community of our village. Volunteers run a book exchange in the entrance of the building. More info on www.post-21.nl.